At Brain Train Me we believe that you can influence your mind to grow resources to manage challenges you face in life. Mental resources like positivity, grit, self esteem, compassion and gratitude are what make us resilient and enable us to cope with adversity and peruse opportunities.


Nicola’s Story

All my life I have worked to support people to achieve their potential. I understand how interconnected our thoughts, behaviours and feelings are and that they influence how our brain functions.  

I provide solution focused counselling and coaching to help increase awareness and inner resources, resulting in increased resilience and wellbeing.  


Two life experiences proved to me the power of the mind body connection:  

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The first:

Moments after the elation of realising I was pregnant with my first child, I was gripped with an overwhelming fear of having to give birth. I embarked on a hypnobirthing course that taught me how to stop cortisol (the fear hormone) flooding my body and a particular breathing style to keep me calm. I practised the technqiues everyday for months before my due date – I took on the persona of an athlete preparing for a race. I had a drug free waterbirth which was peaceful and painless.


The second:

I am distinctly un-sporty, I made up excuses to miss PE lessons at school and the thought of getting out of breath and sweaty was enough to put me off exercise for much of my adult life … until I turned 40. I had run a few 5km Race for Life’s to raise money for Cancer Research. A friend of mine asked if I would join her in a 10km race. My initial thought was there is no way I could run that far. The next time I went out running I added a bit extra on and after a few weeks I had managed 10km. The realisation that I could do it, so I signed up for a half marathon. I am quite certain that coaching my mind was just as important (if not more) as training my body to be able to run 21km.


I am absolutely convinced that if you put your mind to something and are prepared to work at it consistently, you can achieve it! 


The team

Meet our all-start team who will expertly support you to live your best life.


Nicola Strudley

Psychotherapist and Caach

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Grant Strudley

Educator, Coach and Trainer

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Nicola Pogson

Facilitator and Mind Coach