My motto in life is a line from
Shakespeare's As You Like It:

'Sweet are the uses of adversity'.  

After an undistinguished secondary school career (2 Es and and N!), I left school and worked as a researcher and information officer in London until I was made redundant.  Rather than finding another job immediately, I worked at a children's summer camp in Michigan, USA, teaching fencing and archery.  This experience convinced me that I'd like to be a teacher.  So, at the age of 30, I embarked on a 4 year teacher training course...  Fast forward 20 years and I'm now into my second Headship.  I have always believed that my 'growth mentality' has allowed me to thrive and to take risks to develop my career.  This is something I now promote in the children I teach and colleagues I work with.

I have been fortunate to have received high quality coaching at various stages of my career.  Without it, I would not have become an effective classroom practitioner, taken my first steps into leadership or, eventually, become a headteacher.  However, I have found 'self coaching' to be an effective tool too. 

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