Some people tend to give up easily or avoid things that they know might be difficult or that they have failed at before. They tend to believe that being good at something is a fixed state this is what we call a “fixed mentality”.

Some people tend to bounce back from disappointment or failure and more likely to explore how they can get better at doing something. They tend to be people that believe you can improve your ability by practising, effort and persistence, this way of thinking is called “growth mentality”.


Brain Train
After School Club 

Schools know that if pupils have a positive attitude towards learning they will make greater progress and be successful, so they will already be instilling all pupils with a growth mentality and embed the ideas into the ethos of the school. 


Brain Train Me offers an after school club for Key Stage 1 pupils.

Each week will focus on a specific topic, activities will allow children to try new things, foster an attitude of teamwork with the others and inspire the children to think about they ways in which they can make a positive difference at home or in their community.

If you are from a school and are interested in this club:

Read the evaluation done at Crown Wood School Autumn 2018

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Parent Talk
“How can I help my child develop a growth mentality?” 


As a parent you want to support your child to do their best

Many parents - until recently, myself included - hold the mistaken belief that it’s important to shower our children with constant praise. Praising our children is instinctual, almost a reflex. Any time your child does something wonderful, it seems natural to say, “Great job!”

Praise can benefit motivation and self-esteem, but these effects aren’t always lasting. Our ultimate goal should be to nurture our child’s intrinsic motivation. But do you know how learning takes place?

Do you know the things to say that might help or hinder learning? If you would like to better understand the concept of growth mentality in order to support the development of your child, why not come along to one of our parent talks?

60 minute talk that could change the way you relate to your child for the better

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