Mindful Walks

Let us help you slow down, tune into your senses & guide you on a walk with a difference.  

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Being in nature reduces stress, anxiety and depression.

Researchers, who have published studies in Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine journal, found that cortisol levels (the stress hormone) and heart rate decreased for people spending time in nature.

I realised that the time I spent outdoors benefited me not just physically but improved my state of mind and mental performance.

We all lead busy lives, this is an opportunity to recharge, invest in your well being, be guided in practices of mindfulness and meditation, whilst being immersed in the beauty of the outdoors.

Did you know that plants and trees emit essential oils called phytoncides that protect them from germs and insects? 

All around the world people are looking to connect with nature - whether it be forest bathing or Shinrin-yoko. The benefits of forest therapy is part due to the essential oils that are derived from plants, called phytoncides. Air borne chemicals with anti fungal and anti bacterial qualities that protect trees from germs and insects. When we breathe in forest air, fortified with phytoncides, our immune system functions are improved and the number & activity of white blood cells (the fighter cells in our body that kill viruses and tumours) are increased. 


Pranic Healing

You might have a physical problem for example an ache, pain or even a chronic ailment that you have lived with for a while, you may feel like you have no energy.  You may have emotional problems such as stress, anxiety or anger.  

The word ‘Prana’ means life’s energy.  We are made up of energy. Our energy can get depleted or congested.  

Brain Train me can provide a series of treatments that enhance the body’s capability to heal itself in order to help resolve issues.


You can learn techniques to:

• Reduce stress
• Increase happiness
• Enhance focus
• Achieve calmness

Pranic Healing is fast acting, you can experience improvement after one treatment. However, it’s recommended that you book a block of 3 treatments. Some people use Pranic Healing as a preventative measure and have a session every month.