use your head

Understand how to get the best out of your brain.


We work with people who want to gain greater focus, clarity and strength.

Brain Train Me provides expert guidance in better understanding yourself in order to lead a more rewarding life. Put key techniques into practice in order to see marked improvements in your relationships at work, at home and with yourself.


What we do

Brain Train Me Counselling


Stuck on the treadmill of life? Days, weeks & months passing you by?

I can help you better understand your thought & behaviour patterns, discover coping skills that work for you, create a new narrative,, take control of racing thoughts & negative self talk.

Brain Train Me Lifestyle Coaching


Would you like to achieve the goals you set yourself?

Through my programme we can help you define your goals, enhance your self belief, maximise your resilience & energy, unlock your potential in order to drive up performance.

Brain train Me Growth Mentality

Growth Mentality

Do you want your children to feel happier, have a positive outlook and believe in themselves?

My 10 week after school club has a different theme each week. Sessions include relaxation, movement and dance, games, breathing exercises and positive affirmations.

Brain Train Me Mindfulness

Active Mindfulness

Do you overthink? Thoughts racing? Distracted by your smartphone?

Learn & practice techniques to slow right down, quieten the mind, observe thoughts and let them pass. Create micro moments of calm … even in a busy, active life.


The one stop shop to live the life you want

Life today in our modern, busy world is relentless and stressful.
Increasing demands and expectations can leave your mind being pulled from pillar to post, your  emotions scattered and feeling like you are never good enough.  

We have created a range of opportunities that will help you train your brain to gain clarity, perspective and focus.