A picture can speak a 1000 words

Today I felt challenged, awkward and self-conscious I went with the process because I knew the outcome would be worth it. I had a photo shoot with brand consultants Visuable, to create images for the BrainTrain Me website
My years of working as a psychotherapist, I know only too well how critical it is to connect with a person,  this is often done by the sharing of stories. I love hearing the “narrative” people have developed about themselves over the years.  Visuable have convinced me that BrainTrain Me needs a personal touch. As a small business humanising your brand is crucial. Visuable say “nurturing relationships, earning your clients trust and building brand loyalty help humanise your brand.” 
I have always shun the spotlight, feeling much more comfortable observing from the sidelines.  I am not photogenic but I do love images. Instagram is my favourite of the social media platforms because it’s so visual. My Instagram feed is made up of photos of beautiful places around the world, scenes from nature, happy moments and objects of beauty (usually shoes) that have the power to make me smile. 
In a rushed, hurried and impatient world, where people often don’t have the opportunity (time wise) to explain ideas or business concepts, the image has the power to captivate, interpret and to make us feel a certain way. 
I hope the photos  that were shot today captures the values of BrainTrain Me… Modern fresh current fun, authentic. 

Visuable Team