The power of your words (you won’t believe this!) 

The power of your words (you won’t believe this!) 


You know all about the power of your words. You can lift somebody up and make their day with a compliment or reduce them to tears with harsh criticism. I am sure you can recall children that were bullied at school, maybe you experienced it? You would not deny the trauma that is caused by such cruelty.   

I see day in day out that we can be our own harshest critics – we say mean, cruel things to ourselves, we criticise and berate ourselves on a daily, or sometimes hourly basis.  

Ikea wanted to make children more aware about the harm and damage that unkind words and bullying does. For 30 days in schools across the United Arab Emirates, they got children to take part in a truly remarkable experiment. Children recorded and said insults to one plant and paid compliments to another 

The plants were given the exact same amount of sunlight and water. 

In a video highlighting the results, one message says: “You look rotten.” Another says: “Are you even alive?” But the compliments include, “I like you the way you are,” and “Seeing you blossom makes me happy 

Incredibly, the plants which got played the negative comments withered after 30 days while the ones played compliments remained healthy. Gardeners from around the world have tested out the experiement for themselves and found similar results 

So if negative words can have such a dramatic effect on a plant, imagine what negative words do to your self esteem. 


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