My wellbeing wish list

◌   We will take care of our mental health with as much ease as we take care of our physical health. 

◌   It will be as common place to go for a “talking treatment” as being prescribed a medication. 

◌   We will see mental health is a spectrum or continuum that we all move up and down all the time. 

◌   Technology, digital health and social media will have significantly more of a positive impact on our wellbeing. 

◌   Schools will invest as much time, effort and money in nurturing pupils’ emotional intelligence as well as the academic ability. 

◌   Planning and architecture will support wellbeing in our towns and cities by creating green spaces, more tree-lined streets, benches and places to be social and connect. 

◌   All workplaces will be supportive and flexible, seeing employee wellbeing as fundamental to productivity and profits. 

◌   The pressure and stigma on young men will be greatly reduced, men will not feel weak in asking for support. The biggest killer of men in the UK aged between 20-50 will not be suicide. 

◌   The notion of “the norm” will be replaced by an appreciation of the intricacies of individual difference.

 ◌   Everyone will have their own personalised toolkit of techniques and strategies that they can use to make themselves feel better. 

◌   People will understand that their brain is unique. A basic understanding of neuropsychology will help to see how our brain is wired in order to get the most out of it.