After a fall....

Whilst out running this morning, I was engrossed in a Dr Chatterjee podcast on confidence. Not paying attention to my footing I tripped up on a paving stone and took a monumental fall, skidding across the gravel. The descent happened in slow motion, then the pain was crashing and sharp. I put my hands out to break the fall and grazed them, and ripped my fav lycra running leggings, cut my knee and was bleeding.

The tumble took me back to being a child, memories of tripping up in the playground and being told “there, there, it’s alright” by an adult. Apart from the odd alcohol fuelled stumble I had not fallen over and cut myself for years and years. Thank God it was early in the morning before most people left for work so nobody saw but it did not stop my pride being dented.

I sat for a moment on the pavement composing myself, debating whether to call my husband to come and get me.  I decided I could make it home myself. Forever the optimist, hobbling back home I started to think how I could see the silver lining of this embarrassing and painful situation:

* It made me connect with a shame and embarrassment that I’ve not felt since I was a child.

* It made me think about how falling gives an opportunity to get up and carry on rather than stay down.

* It literally knocked me out of my comfort bubble of not really paying attention. Tomorrow morning my senses will be hyper aware.

* And I may have to buy new runners and leggings as a result! Any excuse for shopping is always a bonus

Not getting much sympathy or fuss when I returned home, I decided to send my mum the picture of my bloody knee. She messaged ”perhaps you are too old to run?” I replied ”No such thing as too old.” I was quite certain this was not going to prevent me going out again. Today’s tumble provided me with an opportunity to be brave, get back up and carry on. Yeah it could put me off going out alone, yeah I might convince myself to slow the pace to a walk or take up swimming … but why should this knock mean an end to something that I benefit from (note I didn’t say enjoy!)

If we don’t have tumbles in life, how do we come back stronger, more courageous and more determined? If we don’t allow ourselves to be wounded, physically or emotionally, how can we learn to heal?

Next time you have a knock or stumble see it as an opportunity to reaffirm your courage and your ability to get back up. Keep calm and carry on.