Could you benefit from seeing a Wellness Coach?

I don’t know about you but I feel overwhelmed by the health and lifestyle warnings that I get bombarded with on a daily basis …. Don’t eat too much sugar, don’t forget to wear sunscreen, ensure you get at least 8 hours sleep, drink more water, don’t skip breakfast, don’t eat too much processed food, don’t look at your screen before bed, don’t eat late, walk 10,000 steps.

The irony is that our society today is the unhealthiest it has ever been.

  • We have an obesity epidemic with over 30,000 people each year dying early as a result.

  • Almost 5 million people are living with diabetes in the UK. The cost of diabetes to the NHS is 10% of the NHS budget for England and Wales.

  • Now loneliness is on its way to become Britain’s most lethal epidemic with research showing that lacking social connections is as damaging to our health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

It is no wonder that so many people feel overwhelmed and struggle know where to start when thinking about making changes.

Maybe wellness coaching can help? Wellness coaching is not just about diet and exercise, it looks holistically at all the things that can make you radiant, strong and happy. By making the smallest changes in your day to day life, a wellness coach can help you transition to a healthier lifestyle and offer guidance on aspects of wellness such as stress management, hydration, sleep, diet, menopause and help you manage chronic conditions.

Wellness coaching is there to help you gain the knowledge, skills, tools and confidence to reach your desired goals in small achievable steps. It is not rocket science, but we all need a little help sometimes to keep us on track, keep motivated and focused.


If your goal is to:

* improve your body image and physical condition

* learn how to eat according to what suits your body

* reduce stress levels at work

* learn how to breathe correctly

* increase your energy levels

* increase your resilience to the challenges of everyday life

* learn to hear what your body says

* think and experience positive emotions

* feel good about yourself and your choices

* increase your fertility

* reduce the damaging effects of premature aging and maintain your youthfulness

* improve your health and increase your longevity

Start wellness coaching today… don’t let your life and health be driven by luck… learn to self-regulate and care for yourself.  

If you really want it, you can have good health and wellness.

 I am offer a summer sale jump start session  

·       A 45 minute wellness coaching session

·       E mail after the session outlining the Action Plan

·       E mail access to me for a fortnight after the session

·       Resources that are applicable to your specific goals

All of this for £45!  Message me for further details